Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lisa Life Lesson ~"Beggars"


Do your children beg?  "Please mom!" "Please mom!" "Please Mom!"  "Puhleeese, Mommmmm????!!!!!!"  You know, that kind of begging.  Mine have been known to beg every now and then.  It's soooo irritating isn't it?  Puhleeese.  Enduring the begging cycle is something I've learned to do.  I realize that 1) they really want this certain thing/idea/situation.  2) They are passionate about said thing/idea/situation.  3)  They know their happiness lies completely in my decision.   

When begging occurs, I make sure they know my decision is final once I make it.  Then I consult my husband and pray.  Not necessarily in that order.  

When kids are passionate about something we must remember that their passions change with the winds.  What is of extreme importance one day is not on the radar the next.  So, as parents, we sometimes need to hold off in making decisions to test the waters and see if the passion holds out.  Many times, things die down, and a non-decision will suffice.  In other words, they change their minds and don't need a decision from us one way or the other.  

I try to relate to my kids needs and desires and enter their world.  Putting on my "teen hat" is hard these days as I approach, cough cough, my 5th decade.  But remembering back, can help us make our decision.  

I guess my point is, when beggars start begging, don't feel obligated to answer or give in immediately.  Use your time wisely, and seek wise counsel.  Then the beggars know the foolish respond quickly and the wise seek counsel.  

Lisa Clark
Sky Ranch SkyMoms Parenting Mentor

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