Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lisa Life Lesson ~"Raising Children Who Are Passionately in love With Jesus Christ"

Raising Children Who Are Passionately in love With Jesus Christ

How do we do this?  I remember when Camryn was about 6 years old, she was a new Believer and she said these words to me and they changed the way I parented.  She said, “Mommy, I’m scared I won’t love Jesus like you when I grow up.”  Hmmmm.  That was a new one.  While blessing me incredibly, that statement also broke my heart.  Her love for Jesus was so fresh and new.  Yet, she was already seeing how our culture and the world could corrupt the purist of hearts for Him.  As new believers, we all want to please Him and make Him Lord.  But what happens?  It is extremely hard to live in this world and pursue Christ.  We have to be engaged in the process of keeping Him on the throne of our hearts.  You noticed I said “we” as in mom and dad.  I am 100% convinced that parents are primarily responsible for modeling what pursing Christ looks like.  Now, not all young Believers have Christian parents, I understand that.  That’s where pastors, teachers, and coaches come in.  They can make a huge impact for eternity on the lives of young believers.  
I can think of one family in particular who had the best intentions of raising godly young daughters, but sports took preeminence and church, God, faith went on the back burner.  As I’ve watched this family unit unravel, I can’t help but think how things might have been different.  If only…
I can’t think of anything I’ve sacrificed by pursing Christ.  I haven’t been perfect.  I’ve made lots of mistakes, but I can see how my girls have benefitted from my faith.  Pursuing Godliness is part of who they are.  They want to fellowship with Believers and be active in their faith.  Brad and I have the same goals and desires for our own lives.  Praise God.  
In his book, “Age of Opportunity – A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens,” Paul Tripp lists 5 Signs of a Pursuit of God:  
There will be an independent life of personal worship and devotion.
There will be a desire for corporate worship and instruction.
There will be a pursuit of fellowship with the body of Christ.
There will be relaxed, open discussions about spiritual things.
There will be signs of a biblical perspective when making decisions.
Several times a year we look at this list and measure how our girls are doing, only after we’ve looked at our own lives of course.  There is a lot parents can do to help their children grow in their faith and passionately pursue Christ.  We don’t have to cross our fingers and hope it all works out.  Be active in your faith and your children will benefit.

~Lisa Clark
Sky Ranch SkyMoms Parenting Mentor

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