Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Only 24 days away till the Sky Ranch gates open...what will you be packing your campers week into?

Sky Ranch Summer Camp is now ONLY 24 days away...have you signed up your camper yet?!  You need to start thinking about what you will be packing your campers week into!

While at our last Sky Ranch SkyMom Gathering in Wichita Falls I met Mindy...who personalizes trunks!  I love her company name.... Camp Couture Trunks, how fun...just what your child might want for his/her camp experience!  My girls have both always taken suitcases and they have worked very well over the years but I must say they think these camp trunks are very cool!

In the coming weeks we will be talking more specifically about what to pack into your suitcase, duffle bag or trunk for your camper to have everything they will need to make their week complete at 
Sky Ranch Summer Camp!!

Check her out at: 
and customers can place online orders at 

Tori Miller
SkyMoms Ministry Director

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