Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lisa Life Lesson ~"Goal Setting 2013!!!"

Goal Setting 2013

The beginning of a calendar year is a great time to sit down as a family 
(or individual) 
and set goals for the months ahead.  

Luke 2:52 says, 
"And Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man."  

So it seems to me that God has given us a clear template for goal setting.  
4 areas of life to grow and mature:
wisdom (intellectually, academically), 
stature (physically, healthy living), 
in favor with God (spiritual growth areas) and 
man (service, community, giving back).  

Candace Snyder (SkyMom) and her family created a goal setting board a few years back after a Skymoms Gathering related to goal setting, and continue to update the board every year as a family project.  Thank you, Candace, for sharing your creativity with us! 

Happy Goal Setting 2013!!!

~Lisa Clark
Sky Ranch SkyMoms Parenting Mentor

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