Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lisa Life Lesson- 'Letting Dad Lead'

Letting Dad Lead

Moms, I want to get straight to the point today, so here goes...

If your husband is willing to lead your family and is trying to lead your family, let your husband lead your family.  Over and over again, I see moms stepping in and "quieting" dad, in hopes he doesn't ruffle family feathers or get in the way of a well constructed plan by mom and kids.  

Give dad a break, moms.  Bring him into the family dynamic.  Let him in on your private conversations with your kids.  Share with him what is happening on a daily basis.  Make sure he's aware of struggles, praises and relationships.

Just because you're with the kids more, doesn't mean you can discount his parental responsibility and ability to lead.  Many times dad doesn't lead a family because mom has made it very clear she's large and in charge and he can't do it as well as she does.  

Biblically, dad is meant to lead his wife and children.  You are the heartbeat of the home, caring for your husband and children.  Pray for your husband everyday.  If you struggle with letting him lead, pray about that.  You respect him by allowing him to lead.  

This isn't always easy.  Marriage is full of give and take moments.  I like to think of family as a team.  If we were all quarterbacks then there would be no one to throw the ball to.  

God bless you Mom! You are loved!
Lisa Clark
Sky Ranch SkyMom Parenting Mentor

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