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Teach Intentionally..."Family Time…Allowing God to be sovereign", with Stacy Davis ~ Bible Teacher and Sky Ranch Board Member

Family Time…Allowing God to be sovereign

Have you ever wondered…who is in charge of my life? Did you think…well…I am!  Are there times when it is obvious that you are not in charge? It is in those moments that you see God is in charge and really you are not; God’s sovereignty is the focus in the Family Time this week. There is a lot of comfort in knowing that God is sovereign and fully in charge. Think of the alternative. What if everything was just left up to chance? And if life was driven by chance, then no one who loves you would be causing life to work toward a plan with you in mind. With God in charge, you know there is a plan that He is connecting to you and your life. There is a plan designed by One who loves you and desires the best for you. His goal for you is to be more like He is and so He has designed a life to help you reach that goal. This isn’t a promise that life will be nice and fun only. It can have those moments, but, there will also be challenges that cause you to grow and you have to be willing to trust Him with the plan. 
Throughout my life, I have struggled with attempting to be in charge instead of trusting God to be in charge. It is hard to let it go sometimes! Plus, I am a typical female and can be a little bossy. There are times that I just think that I know better than anyone else (including God) on a particular topic. What happens every time in those stubborn moments? God lets me give it a try and allows me to make my decision. Then, I realize the mistake that I have made, as I mess it up, and I end up apologizing to God. God moves in and cleans up the situation for me and hopefully I learn from it. God speaks to me through His Holy Spirit and, often, I had an idea that my choice was wrong and not the direction that God wanted me to go. But in my stubbornness, I did not listen to God. Instead, I wanted to be sovereign over that area of my life. Does any of this sound familiar? Do you struggle with letting God be in charge?
This week in your family time, I would encourage you to prepare by praying for your family and asking God how sensitive is each person to listening to His direction. Pray that God would reveal to your family members if they keep trying to stay in charge in areas of their own life and not turning over the control Him. Often, husbands really struggle with letting go of control, partly because God designed them to lead the family. We need them to lead the family, but pray that it is the direction that God wants the family to go. Pray for your husband to trust God. Pray for God’s guidance on this topic and be prepared to gently direct your family in the discussion. It can be sensitive. Let God show each of the family members if they are too controlling in a particular area of their life. I am not advising for you to point out problems to them. Let scripture speak and note in the Family Time that God alone is King over all kings. Other scripture tells you that God appoints rulers and removes them. God alters the leadership in our world, country and in your lives.  He is in charge in your life in the big and little areas. You do have a choice as to whether or not to listen to Him. God also tells you not to worry about the food, drink or clothing and explains that He cares for the flowers and will care for you as well. Instead, seek God’s kingdom first and all of your personal needs will be taken care of by Him. (Matthew 6:28-33)
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I will be praying for you! 
Stacy A. Davis
Teach Intentionally
This week we are in the 7th   Month Topic and 3rd  Family Time (or page  63) of the Sky Ranch Devotional “Open Your Eyes”…
Family Time 3:
Month 7 Topic: God works to preserve and rule all of creation…Allowing Him to be sovereign
Talk with God: Read…1 Timothy 6:15
~ 1 Timothy 6:15  He Who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords;  (16) Who alone possesses immortality and dwells in unapproachable light; Whom no man has seen or can see.
  • In 1 Tim 6:15, God is the King of kings and Lord of lords.  He is blessed and what?
  • In 1 Tim 6:15, what does God alone possess?
  • (Isn’t this cool?)  In 1 Tim 6:15, where does God dwell?
Walk with God: Discuss… Is there anything that you try to be “sovereign” over? Usually it is our own lives. We like to control what we do and sometimes control others around us. But can two be the boss? Does it ever work out well?  What does it mean to let God be sovereign over you?  How do we recognize God’s sovereignty in everyday life?
Prayer suggestion… Pray  for God to help your family allow the Sovereign God to rule in your lives.
Family Time 3: 
Leader Answers:
  • Sovereign
  • Immortality
  • In unapproachable light
  • Discussion ideas: When God is sovereign over your life it means that He has the authority over your life or lifestyle. God does not contradict Himself, meaning He won’t contradict His Word. Scripture is your guide as well as God’s Holy Spirit, too. It is living life according to the way the Bible tells us to live. That is why Jesus said, “If you love me, you will obey my commands” (John 14:15). Examples are your love of God/Jesus, your treatment of others, your service to others, your love for others. Do you seek God first (Matthew 6:33)?
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