Monday, April 16, 2012

Sky Ranch Counselors are the BEST of the BEST!

Sky Ranch Summer Camp is now ONLY 40 days away...have you signed up your camper yet!  Sign up and allow your camper to experience a Sky Ranch COUNSELOR...and your camper will never be the same!!

Sky Ranch is known for our amazing counselors! We have the privilege of recruiting the best and the brightest. These college-aged counselors are our campers’ Godly role models, heroes and friends. At Sky Ranch, rather than handing your kids off from counselor to counselor and activity to activity, the same counselors stay with your kids 24/7, allowing incredible bonding to occur through living, playing, learning, and facing challenges together. This around-the-clock relationship affords counselors more quality time with campers in one week than many families have together in months!
Campers see their counselors as contemporaries they aspire to emulate. Our counselors are solid examples of having an upbeat attitude even when you’re tired, hot and sweaty; being kind even when others may not be; keeping your emotions in check; asking for forgiveness when needed; and living in community. As Sky Ranch’s Parenting Mentor Lisa Clark says, “We’re up against cultural icons on television, in magazines, in sports and on the internet that our kids think are real. We need realistic role models in our children’s lives that have their ear. That’s what Sky Ranch counselors are.” Parents often marvel at the positive changes that occur in their campers in just one short week!
My girls Kyndall and Sterling, (ages 15, and 13) have formed lasting relationships with their counselors and many times have come home from Summer Camp telling us they want to be able to work at Sky Ranch when they are in college and lead others just as their Godly role model counselor led them into a relationship with the Lord that Summer! 
As a parent, knowing my girls are getting poured into for 7 days by counselors who are dedicated and committed to Christ is priceless!

Tori Miller
SkyMom Ministry Director 

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