Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lisa Life Lesson, "Why can't my kids be perfect like me?"

Our SkyMoms team got together recently to discuss the upcoming year and to do our traditional "photo shoot!"  Well, photo shoot might be a stretch.  Let's call it "five minutes out in the heat trying to get one good pic of the 3 of us!"  That's it! You can judge for yourself if we successfully completed our mission! 

We are so excited about the next 9 months of ministry to moms.  We will be literally all over the metroplex AND (drum roll, please!) Houston, Austin and Louisiana ministering to Sky Ranch moms and their friends.  The venues are still being set, but the theme for the year has been settled....  "Why can't my kids be perfect like me?"  

We'll have some fun discussing the expectation we put on our children to be "perfect' when we clearly are not.  Why don't we offer our children the same redemptive spirit offered to us by Jesus Christ?  If our home is not a redemptive environment, then we feel defeated and unloved.  

Look for upcoming luncheon dates on the blog and join us as we gather for fun, fellowship, lunch and encouragement! It's the SkyMoms way! God bless you!

~Lisa Clark

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