Monday, August 13, 2012

Prayer Encouragement: "A Guaranteed Solution" by SkyMom, Terrie Chevaillier

A Guaranteed Solution

I sought the LORD,
 and he answered me;
 he delivered me from all my fears
Psalm 34:4

As the beginning of the school year approaches moms feel many emotions.
Excitement, expectancy, invigoration, hope, joy…..and sometimes fear.
Today’s verse gives us a place to take those fears!
Straight to the Lord!
 Sky Mom prayer encouragements are designed to help you pray God’s Word.
Often, I hear mom’s say….I just don’t know if it’s my will or God’s will for this or that.
You know without a doubt, that when you are praying God’s Word…that is His will.
Let’s take this verse line by line and apply it to our fears and then pray His Word today!
I sought the Lord
This psalmist positioned his heart for a word from the Almighty God.  God often speaks to us
through His Word, His people, and prayer.
Let’s make sure when our fears come…that we are seeking answers from the Lord before
we seek man’s opinion or way. Get in the Word, seek Godly counsel, and take time to pray.
And He answered me
Pray expectantly and with hope.
  Look for His answer as it is sure to come when we seek HIM.
Read God’s Word with a desire to seek HIS answers to your fears.
He delivered me from all of my fears
I love this as it says HE delivered me.  We do not have to deliver ourselves or do the right thing
to relieve stress and anxiety.  HE WILL…it is a promise from the Almighty God.
Go back to the first line:  I sought the LORD
and then comes the promise…
DELIVERANCE from all of my fears.

Let’s Pray God’s Word:
Father, I come today seeking You for answers to all of the fears I have for the upcoming school year.
Instead of worry, control, or fretting, I choose to wait on Your answer as I seek You.
Position me in Your Word.  Quiet my heart and still my fretting.
I wait for Your perfect answer to all of my fears.
As I lay these at Your feet, thank You Father that You will deliver me from everything 
that threatens to overtake me with worry about this upcoming year.
~ Terrie Chevaillier

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